Reception and Concierge

Reception and Concierge

As with each of our other divisions we work very closely with customers to provide a truly unique reception and front of house service. We pay particular attention to the selection of employees, provide tailored training, fully flexible uniform options and always pay particular attention to the brand and location.

This approach ensures a warm, friendly, safe and professional environment to welcome your tenants, visitors and staff.

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As is the case with all our personnel your concierge and reception teams are selected from candidates who all have experience in high end, 5 star environments and are hand-picked by our management before being presented to you for approval in advance of assignment and training. Your employees, guests and visitors are welcomed by an efficient and professional team ensuring the working day or stay is made pleasurable from the start.

The Engine Group, Limited Brands and Broadgate Estates are just some of the examples where Interr has demonstrated a continued commitment to excellence through reception and concierge support in line with its other services

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As the first point of contact for visitors and staff the reception is an environment that needs to be a reflection of your own business. This can only be achieved with attention to detail and this is what makes Interr different.

The long term relationships we have with our customers are evidence of the fact that we are successful in constantly delivering a service of the highest standard.

“Extremely helpful, professional and personable at all levels”

Liz Murphy
Property Manager - BROADGATE ESTATES



The ‘above and beyond’ is something we are good at… be it restaurant reservations, finding a dry cleaner, fixing a torn suit or arranging for a private trainer.

When the location or client demands only the best, we find a way to deliver.


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