About us. Our story so far

International, Integrated, Integrity. These values perfectly describe interr’s mission and position in the marketplace.

With a truly global approach, interr proves to be forward-thinking and passionate about their mission.

Being integrated is one of interr’s most important values and delivers the drive to exceed expectations. Our staff at any level is part of the client’s team.

With integrity being a highly valued trait, interr always proactively delivers to their promise – on every level of the organisation. Integrity also embodies sustainability on a high level. In doing so, interr is reputable in truly understanding client needs and therefore delivering outstanding services.

Our Story. Over 25 years in the making.

In 1994 our Chairman, Joachim Ritter, identified an opportunity to provide an innovative service in an industry very much set in its ways. A strong believer that a motivated team is key for a company to excel, he created the current structure so that we consistently deliver the very best tailored solutions to our clients.

In 1998 Roderick Arnold, Global Managing Director, joined Joachim to become a founding Director of the interr brand, sharing our Chairman’s vision of delivering service excellence to our clients. Consequently, in 1999, interr Limited (T/A interr) was established.

In 2001 Joachim and Roderick were joined by our current Chief Executive Officer, Mick Tabori, in order to strengthen the Executive and to develop a strategy for sustainable growth.

In 2006 Christopher Dean, our Chief Financial Officer joined the Executive to ensure the company’s growth strategy is achieved.

Our Director of HR and Compliance, Elena Klopanova, came on board in 2019 to ensure that the company’s human resources were able to support the company’s expansion.

Mission Statement

To develop and supply outstanding and innovative solutions to diverse customers through dedication and a companywide commitment to excellence.

Accreditation & Awards

Proud to be accredited to the highest standards and comply with industry best practices to provide you with the peace of mind for you and your business.

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