All Personal Identification Numbers are now 6 digit long. If your PIN used to be shorter (i.e. while using TrackTik), add 0s in front to make it 6 digits.

If you are not sure what your PIN is, reach out to our 24/7 Control Room.


You will also need a SIN (Site Identification Number) in order to book on or off duty. Please review your schedule via the employee portal, SIN is always displayed next to the site name.


Important note!

01753307233 UK book on & off telephone line will be deactivated on Weds 30th of June 2021 around 9am.

Below you will find the current UK telephone line number, please ensure that you update your records accordingly. This line is also toll free (out of charge).



Interr uses Timegate as a ‘log in and log out’ system. In order for us to pay you the correct hours of work we require you to log in at the start of every shift and log out at the end of every shift.

All Employees Must Clock In when they arrive on site, and Clock Out when they leave site. Under no circumstance must you log in or out unless you are on the site premises. There is a 30-minute window prior to the start of your shift where you can Clock In. You will not be able to Clock In outside of this period.

If you fail to log in or out, it could result incorrect or missing pay. If you fail to follow this procedure and attempt to log in or out when you are not on site, this matter will be investigated and could result in disciplinary action.

To Clock In:

  • Dial our free-of-charge phoneline 01753387603  and wait until you hear the following message: “Welcome to the Employee Line of Interr, please press 1 to book on, 2 to make a check call and 3 to book off”
  • Using the keypad on your phone, press 1 to book on. You will hear the following message: “Enter your contract number (Site Identification Number) followed by a hash key (#).
  • “You have been successfully booked on, press star * to enter another PIN, 1 to return to the main menu or hang up to end your call.
  • If you Employee ID is rejected, you will hear the following message, and you will need to try again: “That number was not valid, please enter your employee number followed by a hash key (#).
  • If your Clock In has failed, please immediately contact our Operations Control Centre on +44 (0)207 837 2012.
  • If you contact the Operations Control Centre to book on without attempting to follow the above process, you will be informed by the OCC team to follow the process above. You will not be manually booked on by the head office.

To Clock Out:

  • Dial our free-of-charge phoneline 01753387603 and wait until you hear the following message: “Welcome to the Employee Line of Interr, please press 1 to book on, 2 to make a check call and 3 to book off”
  • Using the keypad on your phone, please press 3 to book off.
  • “You have been successfully booked off, press star * to enter another PIN, 1 to return to the main menu or hang up to end your call.

Interr Timegate code: 537

Please select single user mode only if you install the app on your personal device.

Booking on and off via the app

To book on press the top icon ‘Book on’ and confirm SIN, then press OK. Do the same when you book off.

Interr will grant you access to the employee portal which will allow you to communicate with Interr directly regarding your personal details, holidays, requests or your live schedule. All portal features are detailed below.

You can access the portal via the app or:

An activation link will be sent to your email address from

Your personal details stored with us including contact details.

Live schedule, view your confirmed shifts, confirm dates available to work or ask questions regarding your roster.

Send holiday requests directly to your Line Manager, check your current entitlement and past records.

Documents uploaded by Interr which you can read and confirm receipt such as:

  • Assignment instructions
  • Company Handbook
  • Your payslips issued by Interr Payroll

Generate downloadable reports:

  • Pay detail report – includes all hours worked, pay rate(s) and the total sum within selected time range.
  • Employee Schedule
  • Personal details

Includes all messages regarding your requests and queries as well messages broadcasted by Interr to selected groups of employees regarding i.e. local weather conditions or alert messages.

News and announcements posted by Interr.

Any HR & Payroll queries you may wish to raise.

Quick Links – quick access to our Interr website or Interr eLearning platform TalentLMS and other useful sources of information.

  1. To report an incident select ’Service’.Select an incident category by pressing its icon i.e. Theft. Briefing allows you to review all recent activities on site within the last 24 hours. To start an incident press ‘Submit’ button in the bottom right corner, add photos and comments.
  2. Please note that you won’t be able to access incident category specific questions until you press ‘Submit’.
  3. Once you have started an incident you will be able to fill out an incident report form. A little arrow icon will appear next to the name of the form. If you go back to the main menu you will also notice a number next to the incident category you have selected. That means that an incident report has been started but hasn’t been submitted yet.
  4. Press the ‘play’ button to fill out an incident report form.
  5. Green circle – the number of questions you have answered; Gray circle – the number of questions you haven’t answered yet; Red circle – mandatory questions;
  6. Answer all questions accordingly and provide as much information as possible. There are different type of questions within the form: Yes/No questions; Text field – i.e. incident description, incident outcome; Multiple choice / select one option
  7. Swipe to the right over the white surface above or below the question field to go to the next question.
  8. Once your report form has been filled out press the ‘Stop’ button.
  9. Once a form has been filled out and submitted correctly you will notice a check mark icon next to the form name.
  10. Change the progress status to ‘Completed’ and press ‘Submit’ to send out the report. Relevant parties will be immediately notified about your report. The number icon above the report name should disappear, if it is still there it means that your report has not been submitted as Completed yet.

IC1 – Nordic – Native British, Scandinavian, German, etc.

IC2 – Mediterranean – South European, e.g. Spanish, Italian or Greek

IC3 – Black – Sub-Saharan African or Afro-Caribbean

IC4 – Indian Subcontinent – South Asian

IC5 – Far East e.g. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Southeast Asian

IC6 – West Asia or North Africa

IC9 – Unknown


The rates of the employees are confirmed and uploaded on Timegate by the Client Manager. Please confirm with them that your new rate has been approved first.

The holiday rate is based on your average rate of the past 3 months. It is possible that your hourly rate is recently increased but that does not apply for the holiday rate yet.

If this is not the case, please contact the payroll department.

The control team and Client managers are responsible for confirming the hours an employee has worked on a site. Please contact your Client Manager to ensure your hours have been plotted correctly.

Bank Holiday pay rate is calculated between working hours of 00:00 – 23:59 of the bank holiday. If you have worked between these hours and not been paid (the bank holiday rate) please contact Interr Payroll.

UK Bank Holidays 2021:

This may be a result of the way your holiday is calculated, Interr payroll department can confirm that.

Please check if your client manager has authorized your holidays first. If your holidays has been authorized and not paid, please contact the payroll department where they need to confirm with control that your holidays has been plotted correctly. Please ensure you have not requested a holiday on your days off.

If you have a query regarding your furlough pay please contact the payroll department for further investigation.

That would be the following working date.

Please check the cut off dates of your pay group.

11-10 pay group, payments on 1st working day on the month: e.g. payment day 01.05.2021 for shifts worked between 11.03.2021 – 10.04.2021

Full Month Group, payments on 10th of each month for shifts worked on the previous month: e.g. 10/05/2021 for shifts worked between 01.04.2021 – 30.04.2021

Please check with HR for the pay group that you are in. If you still have shifts between the cut off dates and did not get paid, please contact the payroll department.

Holiday is paid according to your average days per week and your average hours per day. This information is taken by Interr’s operating System, TIMEGATE, to ensure fair holiday pay. Because of that, holiday pay is paid on hours instead of days.


Average days per week: 4

Average daily hours: 8.8 hrs

Holiday duration: 1 week

Paid on payslip: 4 x 8.8 = 35.2 units of holiday.

You have direct access to your Timegate portal which shows the breakdown of hours worked.