Frequently Asked Questions on Payroll

The rates of the employees are confirmed and uploaded on Timegate by the Client Manager. Please confirm with them that your new rate has been approved first.

The holiday rate is based on your average rate of the past 3 months. It is possible that your hourly rate is recently increased but that does not apply for the holiday rate yet.

If this is not the case, please contact the payroll department.

The control team and Client managers are responsible for confirming the hours an employee has worked on a site. Please contact your Client Manager to ensure your hours have been plotted correctly.

Bank Holiday pay rate is calculated between working hours of 00:00 – 23:59 of the bank holiday. If you have worked between these hours and not been paid (the bank holiday rate) please contact Interr Payroll.

UK Bank Holidays 2021:

Please check if your client manager has authorized your holidays first. If your holidays has been authorized and not paid, please contact the payroll department where they need to confirm with control that your holidays has been plotted correctly. Please ensure you have not requested a holiday on your days off.

If you have a query regarding your furlough pay please contact the payroll department for further investigation.


That would be the following working date.

Please check the cut off dates of your pay group.

11-10 pay group, payments on 1st working day on the month: e.g. payment day 01.05.2021 for shifts worked between 11.03.2021 – 10.04.2021

Full Month Group, payments on 10th of each month for shifts worked on the previous month: e.g. 10/05/2021 for shifts worked between 01.04.2021 – 30.04.2021

Please check with HR for the pay group that you are in. If you still have shifts between the cut off dates and did not get paid, please contact the payroll department.

Holiday is paid according to your average days per week and your average hours per day. This information is taken by Interr’s operating System, TIMEGATE, to ensure fair holiday pay. Because of that, holiday pay is paid on hours instead of days.


Average days per week: 4

Average daily hours: 8.8 hrs

Holiday duration: 1 week

Paid on payslip: 4 x 8.8 = 35.2 units of holiday.

You have direct access to your Timegate portal which shows the breakdown of hours worked.