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CEO Welcome

A warm welcome to latest newsletter. Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to all who have contributed to the remarkable journey of the past year. The essence of what differentiates us are the people that play a part in Interr’s community, and it’s been our privilege to embrace numerous newcomers into the expanding Interr family across the UK, France, and Germany and the new teams that will be a part of Interr in Ireland and Switzerland. Witnessing the commitment and attention each member shows in their efforts to go above and beyond for our employees and clients underscores the reasons behind our persistent success.

This approach is highlighted in this year’s survey results. As many of you will already know, our surveys focus on 4 key areas, with each survey having questions that focus on every aspect of each department and how we support our stakeholders.  Throughout the year, across different platforms and mediums, including anonymous feedback, we capture these results to help us shape how we do things in the future.

We are always looking for new ways to improve our understanding of how we are doing and where we can be better, the results of which I look forward to being able to share with you in the next newsletter.

The above is largely only possible because of the sum of each individual’s achievement throughout the year and is something that defines why we stand out as a company.  So, I am especially grateful to our employees of each quarter; Safwan, Ismail, Eric and Albert who are all shining examples of what it means to ‘go the extra mile’ for our clients, stakeholders and your team.  In particular our employees of the year, Eric, who has been part of the Interr family for almost eight years now and Monteiro who joined more recently in 2021. Your performance and commitment, whether in London or Liverpool, have been outstanding, and when we regularly receive feedback like “Just wanted to pass on some amazing feedback about Eric from a member who said he is so upbeat and lovely and made her morning’ make it easy to understand why our people are valued as much as they are.

It is remarkable what a difference  a group of like-minded people can achieve when they come together, and nothing highlights this better than the work that is done in partnership with Kid’s Out, by our Global Managing director and his fellow trustees as well and the commitment from our employees to make each year better than the last for the charity and those deserving people it supports, more details from Roderick in this newsletter.

Another positive for 2023 were the efforts we made in better managing and reducing our GHG emissions, working with external analysts and experts, allowed us to understand our footprint and to make it even smaller.  With the vast majority of our emissions coming from indirect sources, a key focus for us has been to work with our employees and supply chain, as well as engaging in client partnerships to see what we can collectively do to support this crucial journey that we are all on.

Through our ‘Carbon Neutral’ accreditation, we have been able to support some very meaningful projects around the world.  All of which are Certified via the Verra – Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), the Gold Standard – Voluntary Emission Reductions (VER) or the United Nations – Certified Emission Reductions (CER) programmes, the projects were also selected based on their direct and indirect impact around the world – not just in offsetting, but also in supporting education, employment and clean water, as well as having net positive impact on the local wildlife and ecology.

We once again achieved an Ecovadis gold rating, managing to increase our score year on year. EcoVadis helps us manage our ESG risk and compliance, meet corporate sustainability goals, and drive impact at scale by guiding us with our sustainability performance improvement. Hundreds of thousands of companies partner with them to collaborate on sustainability which allows Interr to benchmark ourselves.

The assessment focuses on 21 issues which are grouped into 4 themes (Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, Sustainable Procurement). Our score places us in the 94th percentile when compared to all other companies Ecovadis assesses, with an overall score of 70 versus an industry average of 43.  Additionally, we once again scored an outstanding +143 out of a maximum achievable +145 SIA ACS good practice points in our audit in April, putting Interr in the top percentile of Security companies for the tenth year in a row.

Our growth across Europe, expansion of Interr’s self-delivery into Ireland and Switzerland, our Technology and Innovations Team supporting more and more clients, coupled with increased management teams, better employee welfare, support and development programs means there is so much to look forward to in 2024.

I hope you enjoy the rest of this newsletter and look forward to seeing you in person as much as possible throughout the year.


Mick Tabori

02 / 05

CSR Update

As you will all no doubt be aware I am an official trustee for the interr charity partner KidsOut, so it always gives me the greatest pleasure to update everyone on charity news.

Back in June our leadership and a group of clients attended the annual Summer Ball and helped raise over £100,000. This annual event is one of the social highlights of the year and gives us all a great opportunity to socialise with each other and our customers while raising money for the disadvantaged children we all support. It is also one of the only occasions in the year we can all be seen in formal dresses, suits and ties!

The Christmas Giving Tree appeal 2023 has been a great success; the generosity of everyone has been remarkable. KidsOut are still auditing all the 1000’s of toys and games received and hope to complete this by the end of January when I can report back in the next newsletter on the total volumes collected and the total received from other sources, including the online shop and the companies choosing KidsOut as their charity for their own initiatives. We at interr always support this amazing appeal and our teams donate toys every year instead of gifting to each other.

In other KidsOut news they have added over 120 new refuges to their database in the last month, increasing even more the volume of the most vulnerable children they can help across the UK and are continuing to work hard on increasing contacts both at refuges and with all schools, communities, and associations who work with disadvantaged children. They have recently placed a lot of focus on radically streamlining logistics and building volunteer groups, which has allowed them to increase output of toy boxes to children arriving in refuges. The Luton warehouse volunteer experience has radically changed and feedback from repeat volunteers has been glowing. Incredibly, they were able to match last year’s 12- month volume in just the first five months of 2023! KidsOut are aiming to send out 20,000 toy boxes this financial year ending June 30th, compared to 12,000 in the whole of the previous year.

As ever, if you encounter any companies or individuals that would like to volunteer to utilise CSR days or would be interested in having KidsOut as their Charity of Choice, please let me know. If you would like to attend the Kidsout warehouse to pack toy boxes or get involved in any way there is always a space for you!

The annual London Olympia ‘trolley dash’ happened last week and as usual a large team of interr volunteers were there to collect the 1000’s of toys, games, puzzles and cuddly toys that were so kindly donated by the exhibitors. A selection of photos are below and I’m sure you will recognise all the faces!

Finally I would like to let you all know that there is now another ‘official’ KidsOut position just been filled by a member of the interr team, our very own Chairman Joachim Ritter has offered to use his extensive skills to be the treasurer for KidsOut. This just goes to evidence even more that when we enter into to a partnership, we are absolutely 100% committed!


Roderick Arnold

03 / 05

Employee of the Year: Corporate


Eric has consistently gone above and beyond expectations, showcasing exceptional skills and a remarkable work ethic throughout the year. His ability to collaborate, and lead by example has not only elevated their own performance but has also inspired and positively impacted his colleagues. Eric continuously demonstrates a passion for his work and a resilience that has been invaluable to our team.

Eric continuously receives wonderful feedback and has often gone out of his way to support the corporate contract as it’s gradually expanding and, at times, at very short notice. It would be fair to say that because of his selfless attitude, places him at the very forefront of a supporting officer, coupled with his willingness to learn and engage with new clients; as such, Eric truly sets the standards of what a supporting officer should be.

Congratulations Eric and thank you for everything you do. We are proud to have you a vital part of our team and look forward to witnessing your continued success in the years to come!

04 / 05

Employee of the Year: Retail


Monteiro, our employee at Kurt Geiger in Liverpool, consistently delivers exceptional service to both clients and in-store customers. His genuine enjoyment of his job is evident through his constant smile and alertness to any situation. During site visits, Monteiro receives nothing but praise, and he seamlessly integrates into the Kurt Geiger team.

During a visit to Kurt Geiger in Manchester, we had the opportunity to speak with the area manager, who spoke highly of Monteiro and expressed a desire for him to work at all their sites. Subsequently, Monteiro graciously agreed to spend time in Manchester, where he shared his expertise and trained the staff to meet his high standards. The store manager in Manchester commended Monteiro, noting his positive impact on the team and the added value he brings.
Monteiro dedication and professionalism make him a credit to Interr, representing our company and brand with excellence.

Congratulations and thank you for your contribution on a fantastic year, Monteiro, and here’s to many more successes.

Employee of the 1st Quarter: Retail


Since Safwan has joined River Island Birmingham, his line manager  continuously receives positive feedback.  Safwan knows all the local shoplifters, he has built up an excellent  relationship with the client and the centre security because of his unwavering professionalism. As a result, the stock loss at this store  has dropped, and he continuously receives positive customer feedback from customers using the store.

He has excellent communication and customer service skill. He is an outstanding officer!

Employee of the 2nd Quarter: Retail


Since Ismail started, he continuously been providing an exceptional security, support and customer service to our client  A. Lange & Söhne in Harrods.

We recently received an excellent feedback from the manager:

“Ismail is brilliant. Can’t ask anything more of him. He’s in early (every day). He’s great with our team and gets stuck in with anything I’ve ever asked of him with a smile on his face. But his best quality is his interaction with our clients. He’s welcoming and sincere, but knows when to step back. I genuinely can’t speak highly enough of him. We all consider him very much part of our team and it’s a pleasure to work with him.”

Employee of the 3rd Quarter: Corporate


Eric has been with the company for a number of years and he has been selected as  employee of the month due to his outstanding professionalism and work ethic, which has been recognized by both client and members. The feedback received is amazing:

“Just want to pass on some feedback a member gave about Eric. He said Eric was always really friendly and a lovely guy. He is doing a great job with our members.”

“Just wanted to pass on some amazing feedback about Eric from a member who said he is so upbeat and lovely and made her morning.”

Employee of the 4th Quarter: Corporate


Albert has recently taken on his new role as a  Security Manager. He has played a key part in  recovery of assets by investigating and identifying who was the operative stealing from the business, saving the client nearly £200,000. The client has highlighted Albert’s enthusiasm for the role as well as his  professionalism and the feedback received is amazing:

“I would like to highlight how impressed I have been recently with Alberts performance. Since taking over the managers role he has taken his performance to another level, in August Albert assisted a    highly delicate investigation by locating 4 watches with a value of £140K, deemed lost by the business since the beginning of June. In addition to his success locating the watches, Albert also managed to conduct a local investigation which lead to him identifying the post room operative dishonestly appropriating company property, Furthermore Albert has without doubt managed to stop a large immediate financial loss to the   business and ensured our exposure to further loss has been massively reduced. He has really impressed me with how he has adapted to his new role and know he will continue to develop and deliver this high level of service.”

05 / 05

Survey Results

We are pleased to be able to publish the results for the surveys we completed during the last year. The surveys focus on 4 key areas: Customer feedback, Consumer feedback, Staff feedback as well as Health and Safety feedback. Each Survey has variety of questions, with each questions scored out of a maximum of 5 possible points.

Our company target is to achieve 85%.


Our 2023 Customer Survey Results

Every quarter we gather Client stakeholder satisfaction data across ten key areas:

  • The value of our service
  • The time & attendance of our employees
  • How well we are meeting their expectations
  • How well we communicate & escalate
  • Our employees’ presentation
  • Our management teams
  • How responsive we are
  • How likely are they to recommend Interr
  • What their customers think about us
  • How satisfied are they overall

For the overall customer satisfaction, we scored an average of 4.4 out of 5, equating to 88% for the whole of 2023.  

We use these metrics as focus points, that shape how we positively evolve ourselves, and the objectives we set at every level of our company.

We are very grateful for the valuable insights and understanding from everyone that took part in the process over the year and promise that we will try harder over the year ahead.

Our 2023 Consumer and Wider Stakeholder Results

We continuously seek feedback from our consumers and wider stakeholders that we interact with over the course of our year. Every six months we gather this data, which is compiled against four key areas:

  • How helpful we are
  • The value we deliver
  • Our capability and safety rating
  • The overall rating for our company

For the overall consumer and wider stakeholder satisfaction, we scored an average of 4.5 out of 5, equating to 90% for the whole of 2023.  

We also gather data on the security industry as a whole, to share with and shape the industry going forward. As with all of the data points we collect, we use this feedback to improve how we do things as a whole and change our approach for the better.  We are thankful to the members of the public and all the wider stakeholder that have taken the time to let us know how we are doing and where we can do better.

We are very grateful for the valuable insights and understanding from everyone that took part in the process over the year and promise that we will try harder over the year ahead.

Customer Satisfaction History

The The UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) is a national benchmark of customer/consumer satisfaction and provides an objective, independent perspective on the state of customer satisfaction in the UK across 13 sectors.

Over the five years from 2019 to 2023 the average score for the UK was 77%.  Interr’s target for customer and consumer & wider stakeholders Satisfaction is 85%, for both these areas, and over the same five-year period Interr has achieved an average score of 91% for customer and 88.4% for consumers & winder stakeholders

Employee Satisfaction History

Interr’s staff satisfaction scores constantly have outperformed external averages. Whilst we saw a drop in satisfaction that coincided with the pandemic, dropping from 86% in 2019 to 80.5% in 2020, our staff satisfaction has been steadily climbing since – 82% in 2021 and 83% in 2022 and the average for the year in 2023 was 85%, with the quarter October to December reaching 86%.

The Drewberry Employee Benefits & Workplace Satisfaction Survey for 2023 put overall satisfaction for UK employees at 66% with 2022 being 62.3%.

2023 Health and Safety Satisfaction 2023

We scored an average 4.4 out of 5, equating to 88.8%.

A focus for 2023 was improving on how we follow up following an incident or near miss, with better interaction with staff ensuring they are aware of what we are doing and how we are adapting following the specific event.

Another key focus for 2023 and one that will continue to improve upon in 2024 is the integration of welfare and support processes following an event, as well as a greater focus on employee stress and mental health support.

The high scores in staff confidence with regards understanding of responsibility and H&s risks compliments our investment into training and staff involvement with Interr’s H & S programme.

Employee Departmental and Overall Satisfaction 2023

Our Employee Surveys Concentrate on the following aspsects of our business:

Control Room: Questions on satisfaction of response & support, communication & resolution – time & outcome

Payroll: Questions on satisfaction of response & support, communication & resolution – time & outcome

HR: Questions on satisfaction of response & support, communication, resolution & follow up – time & outcome

Supervisor: Questions on satisfaction of leadership & support, communication & Instruction, resolution & follow up – time & outcome

Management: Questions on satisfaction of leadership & support, communication & Instruction, resolution & follow up – time & outcome

On & Off Site Training: Questions on satisfaction of level, preparedness, communication & Instruction

E-Learning: Questions on satisfaction of ease of access, format & engagement, applicability to role

Overall: Questions on overall satisfaction, welfare and happiness

Each aspect is recorded on a per quarter basis and an average for the year

For overall satisfaction we scored an average 4.25 out of 5, equating to 85% for the whole of 2023.  A continued focus for for us remains our Payroll communication and resolution processes.

Training and relationships once again scored very highly, confirming that the allocated resources and time investment from the management teams has paid off.