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Spring 2022

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A warm welcome to the Interr newsletter.


Whether you work at Interr or are a client of Interr when you read our newsletter, you will find comfort that the company you chose is a company that believes in responsibility both individually and as a group.

Learn about our quest to become carbon neutral during this year, our support in the community and our pride in our staff.

Interr was founded on the belief that individual responsibility is key to a strong group. When my Mum asked me in 1999″ how do you know the company will succeed” I told her that if a large majority of individuals use this company as a platform to become the best they can be then how can it fail.

Perhaps a little utopian I admit and it has been far from a straight road. However, I can confidently say that we have never been better and we have never done more than we do now to keep improving.

I would also like to thank Diana our MD of Interr in Germany for her and her teams trust in us. Our partnership is one of the most important steps in our company.

I would also like to thank Sylvan for taking the position as an MD for Interr in France and bringing along with him Bruno. They are already showing great entrepreneurship and leadership. Both actions will ensure that the Interr service will be deliverable Europe wide.

Thank you to everyone at Interr for making a difference.

On a separate issue as you all know we have war in Europe. We are contacting our Ukrainian staff at Interr to discuss any help we can offer. If you haven’t already been contacted, please contact Elena at HR.

In peace

Joachim Ritter

“I can confidently say that we have never been better and we have never done more than we do now to keep improving.”

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CEO Update

A warm welcome to our latest newsletter. I would like to start by thanking everyone that has worked so hard to allow us to continue to support those that matter most, our frontline staff and customers. In a year that has presented many challenges, I have been amazed at the care and dedication the Interr teams have demonstrated.

We have been fortunate with the growth we have had, and in particular the success of Interr in Germany and more recently in France, milestones that have been a long time in the making and such a big part of our continued expansion. This growth has allowed us to not only continue to invest in our infrastructure and the technology platforms we use, but also the talented people that ultimately define who we are.

It is our people and their commitment to forever go the extra mile that have driven the excellent feedback from our survey results this year.

2021 Results

Staff Satisfaction – 82%

Customer Satisfaction – 93%

Consumer Satisfaction – 91%

We will continue to work hard to improve ourselves and make sure that we never lose our self-critical nature, so we get the most out of the improvements we have made in how we gather and analyse the data, allowing us to better influence how we evolve as a company.

Fundamental to Interr is the principle that we should always do everything we can to minimise our negative impact and maximise the positive benefits on people and the planet. Through careful monitoring and reduction processes we will become carbon neutral before the end of 2022, something that we are very proud of, and everyone here has worked hard to ensure we achieve this target.

It has also been a privilege for Interr to continue to help those that are less fortunate, and it is humbling to see what people can achieve together, Roderick and the other KidsOut trusties have all worked so very hard to raise the money and awareness so desperately needed.

As our success is the sum of the staff that support our customers every day, it is always a pleasure to recognise and applaud the successes of our team members that are performing exceptionally. Well done to Rashid, Kreshnik, Valter, Gyorgy and in particular Calvin, our employee of the year. It is always a delight to hear feedback like; “He has been truly remarkable”, “He is one of the finest officers I’ve ever known, we all love him and he is the best” and “I cannot thank him enough for his support and willingness to deal with all the challenges passed to him.” I never tire of repeating the fact that without the wonderful people like Calvin, there would not be an Interr, so thank you all for your hard work and congratulations on your awards.

With so many positive initiatives, systems, expansion plans and with what we hope will be the continued return to normality, I look forward to what 2022 has in store for Interr and seeing you in person.

Mick Tabori

“In a year that has presented many challenges, I have been amazed at the care and dedication the Interr teams have demonstrated.”

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CSR Update

It’s been a busy few months working with our charity partner KidsOut.

Christmas time is always going to be challenging for mother’s and their children living in refuge homes across the UK so it’s that much more important for us to do all we can to support.

At the end of November a group of our UK & International management got dressed up and were joined by a selection of clients to attend the ‘Four Seasons Ball’. This was the first major event since Covid started and everyone joined in to raise over £60,000 for the charity while having a fun night out.

Interr were also a part of the ‘Giving Tree’ Christmas appeal which enabled KidsOut to provide every child living in a staffed refuge with a Christmas Toy Box. It also allowed KidsOut to provide over 20000 toys to children finding refuge in a safe house over the Christmas period. When families arrive at refuge, they have few possessions and very little or no money. Add to that the Christmas period where mothers want to make the time special for their children, it compounds an already extremely tough time for families in refuge, both emotionally and financially. Many mothers struggle to provide the essentials, let alone presents for their children. Your gifts will support children who have experienced significant trauma and fled to the safety of refuge or safe house, often with only the clothes on their back.

If any of our team would like to volunteer at an event, compete in a sponsored run or cycle or just go to the KidsOut website or contact our company Founder Rod Arnold for more information.

Roderick Arnold

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Employee of the Year 2021

Calvin George

Calvin has been chosen  for Employee of the Year 2021  because he has consistently contributed throughout the period and beyond at a level of a security officer and further when promoted to a Supervisor.

Calvin has been instrumental in supporting with the training of Officers, Interr and our Service Partners deployed to the brand at several locations. Every training session is follow up with an overview of the individuals performance and ability to follow direction according to the expectations. In October 21, I was sent a letter from a Service partner’s Officer whom expressed her thanks for patience while training her stating “it was the best experience I ever had”. Calvin showed dedication within his role by reviewing the brands training pack and added key points of reference that needs to be included to the document to improve the overall service. He has stopped, recovered and prevent numerous theft, highlighting these event via the necessary reports and the feedback on his performance from the client is consistently exemplary. Calvin contribution in meetings with the brand or Interr is always valid and well received, it has been a pleasure watching his development over the past year.

Congratulations Calvin!!!

Employee of the Quarter 1 of 2021

Rashid Iqbal

In the first quarter of 2021 Rashid dealt with a difficult situation whilst he was on duty. A contractor fell of a ladder and injured his hand quite seriously, causing quite an alarming situation on site. Rashid managed the situation calmly and proactively and assisted the Boutique manager in getting a solution to get the contractor to hospital when, due to the current situation, there were no ambulances available. The Boutique’s manager was very impressed with Rashid’s and provided the following feedback:” I would like to stress the cool thinking and professional performance of Rashid in relation to the incident that occurred yesterday in our Boutique. He has been truly remarkable”.

Well done Rashid!!!

Employee of the Quarter 2 of 2021

Kreshnik Maloku

Kreshnik is very well known and loved by our client and the team on site. He cares deeply not only for the site where he performs his duties, but also cares deeply for his fellow officers. Kreshnik has repeatedly demonstrated that he is one of the “go to” person, deals with whatever is needed and is always highly professional. He has a very good relations with all, the client and staff on site. One Council Manager stated: “He is one of the finest officers I’ve ever known,  we all love him and he is the best”.

Well done Kreshnik!

Employee of the Quarter 3 of 2021

Valter Tavares Sampaio

Valter has  excelled  in  making  stops  and carrying  out detainments and has  prevented  hundreds  maybe    thousands  of  pounds  of  stock  loss  by  stopping  shoplifters.  Valter  has  a  real  presence  and excellent  relationship  with  the  Client  and  customers  at  the  Oxford Street store. Our client themselves have asked if he can be recognized for his  hard  work.  Valter  is  a  proactive,  professional  security  officer  who works tirelessly in one of London’s busiest stores in terms of theft and it is also being recognized by our client.

Well done Valter!

Employee of the Quarter 4 of 2021

Gyorgy Nagy

Since Gyorgy TUPEd over to us back in 2018, he has always given 100% towards every task he has done. The level of service that he gives not only to Interr, but also to our clients is second to none. Gyorgy  is  articulate  in  his  approach  and  his professionalism is truly remarkable and he is always wanted back to any client/site we send him to and this is clear from his work ethic. His line manager stated “I cannot thank him enough for his support and  willingness  to  deal  with  all  the  challenges passed to him”.

Well done Gyorgy!

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Survey Results

We are pleased to be able to publish the results for the surveys we completed during the last year. The surveys focus on 4 key areas: Customer feedback, Consumer feedback, Staff feedback as well as Health and Safety feedback.

Each Survey has variety of questions, with each questions scored out of a maximum of 5 possible points. Our company target is to achieve 85%.

Staff Surveys

We scored an average 4.1  out of 5 (82%)


  1. Please rate the written and verbal communication provided to you by the Payroll department.
  2. Please rate the level of satisfaction with the time frame your Payroll query has been resolved.
  3. Please rate the written and verbal communication provided to you by the Human Resources department.
  4. Please rate the level of satisfaction with the time frame your Human Resources query has been resolved.
  5. Please rate the written and verbal communication provided to you by the OCC department.
  6. Please rate the level of satisfaction with the time frame your OCC query has been resolved.
  7. Please rate the written and verbal communication provided to you by your line manager.
  8. Please rate the level of satisfaction with the time frame your query to your line manager has been resolved.
  9. Site SupervisorIf you have a site supervisor, how would you rate your site supervisor? (if you do not have one, please skip this question).
  10. How do you rate the site you regularly work on?
  11. How would you rate your relationship with the client site manager/s?
  12. How do you feel about the onsite assignment training you have had?
  13. How do you feel about the training you’ve received on our online e-learning platform?

Health and Safety Survyes

We scored an average 4.4 out of 5 (87%)


  1. How do you feel about Interr’s management interest in your own health and safety and in promoting a safe working environment?
  2. How easy do you feel Interr’s Health and Safety policy is to understand?
  3. How do you feel about your own health and safety responsibility and understanding of the health and safety risks associated with your own work?
  4. If you’ve had an accident or near-miss – how do you feel about the actions and investigations taken by Interr following this accident or near-miss? (if you’ve not been involved in one, please skip this question).
  5. How do you feel about the health and safety training given and any changes communicated to you related to health and safety?

Consumer Survey

We scored 4.5 out of 5 (91%)


  1. How helpful is your security officer to customers?
  2. How much value does the security officer have on site?
  3. How capable if the security officer in dealing with an incident?
  4. How would you rate Interr as a security provider?
  5. How would you rate the security industry as a whole?

Customer surveys QC09

We scored 4.6 out of 5 (93%)


  1. How much value does your security officer have on site?
  2. How would you rate the attendance and time keeping of your security officer?
  3. Please rate the security officer’s uniform, attire and the display of their SIA licence.
  4. Please rate the security officer’s overall performance on site.
  5. Please rate the communication with the Control Room?
  6. How would you rate management interaction and communication with your Client Manager?
  7. How responsive have management Interr been to your questions or concerns?
  8. How likely is it that you would recommend Interr?
  9. How do you think your customers would rate Interr security personnel?
  10. How would you rate Interr’s overall service?

Complaints Procedure

Our complaints were closed in 72 hours.

Interr Complaint Procedure:

The complaint will be acknowledged  within 1 hour of receipt of the email or call by  one of our experienced managers, who will take up the matter  personally and investigate thoroughly in accordance with established procedures. We aim to respond within 24 hours to update you with progress  and once your complaint has been resolved (which we aim to do  within 72 hours) we will check back with you to ensure you are happy with theresolution.

We always welcome feedback and would be grateful for yours. If you would like to share your views with us you can do so through our website, by email or by phone on 020 78372012.

We would like to thank all those who gave us feedback last year.