Construction Security & Vacant Property Protection

Integrated services to produce better all-round solutions to real-world challenges and constraints.

Construction sites are a combination of machinery, technology and people, and everything is constantly in motion, which the security team needs to be properly trained for and managed. Our dedicated customer service-focused team make sure visitors, workforce and property are safe and protected, ensuring minimum disruption whilst providing optimum protection, making construction projects operationally more efficient, secure and safe.

Our flexible solutions and support services enable our clients to concentrate on their core project objectives, by providing them with a holistic security solution, that can support from design to project completion. Our hybrid suite of services cover risk & threat consultancy, training, alert & monitoring, response & patrolling, guarding and analytics and reporting.

“...the peace of mind that we are able to focus on what is most important to us.”

Our property patrol and inspection services keep out vandals, squatters, fly-tippers and thieves, keeping you up to date on your estate and fulfil insurance obligations. Regular checks help simplify the management of estates and facilities, highlighting maintenance requirements and managing facility, utility and health & safety checks.

Our software platforms monitor our teams in real-time, tracking exactly where they have been, with live reports detailing our findings and analytics to highlight trends and required areas of focus. This allows our management to better support and advise, making sure you have all the information you need to manage your property remotely.

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