Corporate, Data Centres, Banking & Finance

Security ambassadors delivering customer service excellence.

Our security programs incorporate the highest level of customer service. We ensure the right security measures are in place, so that the required security layers provide balanced solutions.

interr’s officers are carefully selected, trained and supported by the latest technology to deliver an unobtrusive, yet robust and highly effective presence.

Providing services that include access control and FOH support, out-of-hours protection, patrols and monitoring. We are also able to provide services in specialist areas such as risk advisory, vulnerability assessments, penetration & integrity testing, investigations, technical surveillance countermeasures, cyber security and training for a single source proactive approach to risk mitigation.

“Extremely helpful, professional and personable at all levels.”

Helping our clients to tackle their most important challenges and successfully navigate their specific threat landscape.

We offer security teams and technology solutions to Data Centres & Commercial Depots, that support the security, safety and management of the facilities and its employees, as an essential layer to the clients’ security and FM plan.

In order to secure a facility’s physical infrastructure and the safety of its people, our services include: exterior and interior access point control, manned checkpoints, searches, building patrols, onsite or remote internal and external CCTV monitoring, and incident management.

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