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The result is a more effective security system that offers better return on investment, allowing for more effective planning and intelligence-based countermeasures, to improve support, safety, security and facilities management.

There is a growing demand for a more risk-based approach, that allows for intelligent allocation of resources, improving service and environments.

interr provide services that include access control, remote monitoring and alarm response, coupled with smart building technology and SOC services, driven by AI analytics and advanced real-time security software applications. We have the ability to offer risk advisory, training and consulting services that focus on threat assessments, situational analysis with advanced indicator platforms that continuously monitor for high-impact events and emerging risks, we approach risk mitigation and threat reaction truly holistically.

“...the reassurance that what is delivered is at the forefront of what is available.”

interr’s technology-enabled staff, advanced facilities management, interaction and monitoring systems are a key component in allowing us to provide a service platform that is more responsive, aware and resilient. When combined with regional control systems backed up to a central operation centre, we can ensure a flexible and reliable prevention, response and recovery service.

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