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Helping our clients to tackle their most important challenges and successfully navigate their specific threat landscape.

We provide our consulting services both to our existing clients as part of a holistic security program and to organisations that just want our help in ensuring that their processes and assessments are where they need to be. Our approach starts with the underlying principle that each client is unique and therefore we always make sure that we tailor our solutions to those specific requirements and with the client’s involvement.

The ability to understand risk and potential threats to each client specifically, and then supporting to minimise that impact, is crucial to business continuity and security planning.

We have gathered together a team of professionals who are experts in their specialist fields with experience gained from operating in the Intelligence, Military, Police, Training and Security industries over numerous years. These experts work very closely with our management and support teams, so the delivery is as seamless as possible. Each project is led by one of our Operations or Client Directors who are supported by the Client team and other members of interr’s management when required.

“Kept the wide-ranging audience interested throughout. It reflected well on the professionalism of interr.”

Our company’s success is dependent on our ability to make people better people.

Being a people-led company, we recognise that the quality of the services we deliver relies almost entirely on the skills, engagement and motivation of our employees. To this end, we invest heavily in support systems that empower our staff to be better people through company-wide training and engagement programmes, which ensure our clients benefit from people that are better skilled and motivated.

When providing Training Services, we use the same principles we have evolved over decades for our own staff, so that our expertise can support our clients to do the same for their teams. With the support from our subject-matter experts from our Consulting Division & Staff Training teams and managed through our advanced online training platform, Talent LMS, we are able to deliver bespoke training programs, in addition to the many pre-existing courses we have available.

interr is approved by Highfield, who are the UK and Middle East’s leading supplier of compliance training materials. There are currently over 2 million people using Highfield training materials across an ever-expanding range of subjects. Highfield training materials are available in over 25 different languages in around 100 countries. These materials have been used by some of the world’s most recognisable and respected companies, including McDonalds, Nestlé, Marks and Spencer, Heinz, The Hilton Group and Moto.

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