Residential Security

Providing what our clients want most: safety, privacy and peace of mind.

interr supply residential security services as part of a prevention approach as directed by the residents and staff of the properties we look after. Having worked with private clients since 1999, we have a clear understanding of the residential and close protection environment.

These services can consist of close protection teams, security officers, drivers and dog teams, either as individual components or as part of a holistic security approach combined with consultancy, security installation support, remote monitoring and operations control centre services.

“The team have been an integral part of the household since 2002 and have always supported us completely in every aspect of our security.”

Our operational management team have experience from a variety of backgrounds including close protection, law enforcement and the military. This experience is further supported by experts, giving us the ability to provide services in specialist areas such as security consultancy and vulnerability assessment, remote monitoring, penetration and integrity testing, investigations and technical surveillance countermeasures.

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